About Us

Wingmen is a personal concierge transportation company founded by Jason  Williams in March 2020, which allows you to request a driver to drive you and your car from A to B. It’s that simple. Primarily focused on eliminating DUI situations, our service has a range of other use cases that not only makes the community safer but also offers great convenience.

Personal Transportation Concierge – A premium personal  assistance in transporting someone in their privately owned vehicle and/or transports their privately owned vehicle for the purpose of completing routine service  and maintenance.

Our Founder

Jason Williams, USAF veteran and a law enforcement officer witnessed unimaginable tragedies surrounding drunk, drugged, and impaired driving and came up with a solution to end such problems. Jason found that when people got arrested for DUIs, the excuses they made were perplexing, considering the circumstances; “I have to work in the morning”, “They tow cars in the lot where I park”, “My car got broken into last time” and the list goes on. 

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To become a lifestyle brand and one of the most utilized apps in the gig economy. We stand  for inclusiveness and diversity. We want our drivers to benefit from wingmen just  as much as we want our customers to benefit from our service.


Providing a reliable service that your customers can depend upon and to create a  sustainable earning model for wingmen pilots and co-pilots. 

Support Us On Kickstarter

Wingmen is running a campaign that focuses on making  the community safer and creating awareness. We are offering some ravishing rewards to everyone who contributes towards the goal. Remember, you can put an end to the problem of drunk, drugged, and impaired driving by pledging as little as $5.

Address : 626 RexCorp Plaza 6th Floor Uniondale New York 11556 .

Sun – Thurs: 9am – 6pm GST.

Email : support@mywngmn.com

Phone : 1-855-MYWNGMN