Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Wingmen? 

Wingmen is a technology company that uses a mobile application to allow people to request a driver to drive them and/or their vehicle wherever they want to go. 

  • In what area is Wingmen available?

Wingmen currently operates in Long Island, New York. We will be expanding to additional locations in the near future. Continue to check our website and follow our social media for updates. 

  • Must I have my own vehicle?

Yes, Wingmen drives you in your own vehicle. We do not offer taxi service at this time. 

  • How does it work?

A team of Wingmen arrive at your location together in the “chase car,” one drives you in your car while the other follows closely behind in the “chase car.”  When the ride is completed your Wingman gets into the chase car to be a Wingman to someone else.

  • Can friends be dropped off en route to my destination?

Yes, your Wingman will gladly drop off your passengers en route to your destination. 

  • Do I have to book in advance?

No, you can request Wingmen on demand however, if you plan to need a Wingman during hours of high demand it would be best to book in advance. 

  • Is Wingmen only for when I’ve been drinking?

No, you can use Wingmen anytime you don’t want to drive, you shouldn’t be driving, or you need to get your car somewhere. Some ways you could use Wingmen is after you’ve had outpatient surgery and need to get home with your car, you have to finish last minute tasks on your way into work, you need to get your car from the service center, your license is suspended and you still need to get around. These are just some of the ways you can use Wingmen. 

  • What happens if my Wingman has an accident while driving my vehicle?

The customer is responsible for insuring their own vehicle which includes third party drivers. Should an accident occur, Wingmen Technologies Inc, will not be held liable. 

  • How do I verify that my Wingman is who he/she says they are?

All Wingmen will have a clear face picture for you to verify their identity on the mobile app. Your Wingman may be wearing a blue reflective with the Wingmen logo on the back. You will also have information about the vehicle the Wingmen will be arriving at your location in. 

Address : 626 RexCorp Plaza 6th Floor Uniondale New York 11556 .

Sun – Thurs: 9am – 6pm GST.

Email : support@mywngmn.com

Phone :  1-855-Mywngmn